About me


Research Fellow in Health Economic Modelling at the University of Exeter in the Peninsula Technology Assessment Group (PenTAG)

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I regularly play in the band at my church, playing guitar, drums, keyboard and bass. I also write my own worship songs and secular songs.


I regularly listen to these podcasts using the Podkicker app for Android:

  • BBC: More or Less, Today in Parliament, Westminster Hour, Weekly Political Review, Inside Health, Inside Science, Moral Maze, Analysis, File on Four, Friday Night Comedy, Comedy of the Week, Newsjack, Any Questions and The Infinite Monkey Cage
  • News: Guardian Politics Weekly, the New Statesman Podcast
  • Others: Serial, Undisclosed, Freakonomics, Guardian Science Weekly, the Laravel podcast and the Titanium Physicists Podcast

Star Wars

I have been a Star Wars fan since receiving a Decipher Star Wars: Customizable Card Game starter pack aged eight. I love the films, TV series and comics.

Maths, Stats and Programming

Some would call the first two work, but I find all three a pleasant way to pass an evening.

I am a Stack Exchange contributor, mostly to Cross Validated.

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I follow UK politics keenly. My views are progressive and social democratic. I am a member of the UK Labour Party but have voted for other parties during my lifetime.

The rest…

I live in Devon with my wife Lucy, my daughter Mair, and my two dogs, Jasper and Indie. I attend Totnes United Free church.